Web Access Control lets admins create policy-based rules to permit or deny specific types of website people can visit. VIPRE Endpoint Cloud includes special filters to block malicious sites, and Web Access Control takes security a step further by giving admins a path to stop people from going to questionable or bad sites.

Web Access Control can:

  • Block access to web content that you or your organization prohibits
    (Control access to social media platforms, sports streaming, online shopping and more. Allow people in your organization to focus more on work and less on surfing the internet)
  • Let you put into place policies to permit or allow user groups or devices with access to websites, as well as restrict by policy when people can go to those sites (at what time during the day/night) (limiting people in your organization from watching
    Netflix, Hulu or YouTube while working, or restricting access until times such as break-time/down-time).
  • Provide updated tracking of both old and new websites that can be flagged as possible unauthorized websites subject to denial by users in your organization.
  • Redirect users to a clearly indicated warning page that can include instructions on how to submit a request for white‐listing in the instance that the website in question needs to be permitted.

VIPRE Solutions

Web Access Control is an Add‐On available to VIPRE Endpoint Cloud Security.