For organizations that run a Microsoft Exchange Server, vulnerabilities can now be managed using the high speed anti-bloatware technology inherent in VIPRE AntiVirus, thanks to VIPRE Email Security for Exchange. VIPRE Email Security for Exchange lets you manage your email clients, with defense capabilities such as:

  • Anti-Spam
  • Antivirus
  • Anti-Spyware
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Malware Protection
VIPRE’s advanced framework integrates smoothly and perfectly with Exchange and does not drain resources. The code is highly optimized for low CPU and disk access resources.
The VIPRE for Exchange management console enables you to install, configure and manage full email security from one central location. Deployment is simple with minimum configuration needed. VIPRE for Exchange integrates with Microsoft Exchange and provides excellent spam and threat protection, file attachment inspection and disclaimers, ensuring a secure email service. Additionally, VIPRE for Exchange makes it easy to create policies across multiple messaging plug-ins.
VIPRE for Exchange installs with robust default settings, so you can start protecting your email system out of the box. Realizing every environment is not the same, VIPRE for Exchange is designed to be flexible and configurable for different types of businesses. Modules and settings can be adjusted per policy for different user types, and you can even modify the aggressiveness of the spam filters if needed. The Message Tracking feature enables administrators to review why an email was blocked (or allowed), so that they can quickly and easily change settings on their own.
VIPRE for Exchange is designed to meet both the spam and virus protection needs of your organization. With multiple spam and virus scanning engines, you automatically receive higher detection rates and a more accurate response to the messaging threats that attempt to enter your network. VIPRE for Exchange is an integrated anti-spam and antivirus solution, eliminating viruses and other dangerous message content, while also filtering attachments at the Exchange server, before they reach your users.
The plug-in architecture of VIPRE for Exchange was designed with flexibility and extendibility in mind. This way you get a robust product that enables you to comprehensively manage your email security. You can create customizable policies using VIPRE’s integrated plug-in management. VIPRE for Exchange includes plug-ins for anti-spam, antivirus, attachment filtering and disclaimers.
For its anti-spam plug-in, VIPRE for Exchange utilizes multiple detection capabilities including RBL technology, greylisting, and the award-winning Cloudmark spam engine. This plug-in delivers superior spam detection using heuristic functionality with signature lookup capabilities. VIPRE for Exchange can be configured to delete, quarantine, add Subject line identification, or send to a custom quarantine folder in the end user’s Exchange mailbox.
Most spammers do not use legitimate email servers to send spam. The greylisting module helps VIPRE for Exchange identify legitimate mail servers, and prevents the download of emails from non-legitimate mail servers. Since this happens before the email is even downloaded, that means fewer emails have to be processed by the spam modules, improving performance.
With the increasing number of phishing attacks, identifying legitimate email addresses from spoofed addresses is important. Using the SPF, users are able to test whether a specific email originated from its claimed domain. VIPRE for Exchange allows users to participate in SPF, helping reduce the risk of phishing and fraudulent email. Auto-whitelist functionality automatically adds outgoing mail recipients. This greatly reduces false positives. Unlike other products that have just a single block and allow list for the server, VIPRE for Exchange has individual block and allow list for each user.
VIPRE for Exchange delivers system reporting for all plug-ins with a set of pre-defined reports with the ability to generate custom reports based on individual needs. The database-driven reporting engine generates reports with information at the system, group and/or user level. You can choose reporting options to show the number of inbound mail messages scanned, number of spam deleted or marked, number of viruses intercepted, number of filters triggered, percentage of viruses by name and more.
VIPRE for Exchange enables you to configure global disclaimers for all outbound email. Add disclaimers to every email using the global disclaimer configuration. Or if you prefer, you can configure policies to add disclaimers to emails from specific users, groups, domains or public folders. VIPRE for Exchange also prevents multiple disclaimers when replying or forwarding and gives you the ability to allow users to bypass the disclaimer on a per-email basis. Additionally, disclaimer templates are included that enable you to easily set up disclaimers using HTML or plain text. Template samples include legal disclaimers, virus warning disclaimers, copyright disclaimers and more.

VIPRE Email Security Solutions

Whether you manage a small company with a few dozen email accounts or a large organization of 50,000 users, or somewhere in between, there is a VIPRE Email Security Solution to fit your needs. Feel free to contact us for help with VIPRE Email Security for your organization, or if you also want Virus Protection, as VIPRE offers the following defenses:

  • VIPRE Email Security [Cloud Version]
  • VIPRE Endpoint Security [Server version]
  • VIPRE Endpoint Security [Cloud Version]
  • VIPRE Web Access Control (Add-On to VIPRE Endpoint Cloud]

Contact us to discuss the best options for your business needs – and we’ll be happy to extend our volume discount to you.