VIPRE Email Cloud is a defense between your email users and everyone else. It works by scanning emails for virus threats, phishing attacks, bad URLs that people might click on (such as an upgrade leading to a bad executable, for example), and if it sees something bad in either inbound or outbound email, it takes action.

Email is the most used form of communication over the web, and VIPRE Email Cloud is responsible for detecting and mitigating potential risks arriving by email. Big threats such as Ransomware and Phishing attacks come in email. Small issues involve Spam (which wastes time) or large file rejections (when users are denied to send files that are too big).
VIPRE stores your email in the cloud just in case you accidentally delete an email from your email service, helping you to retrieve a copy through the Cloud.
VIPRE enables you to reduce large rejection through this great feature:  If users send a large file (outbound), that file can be scanned for threats and that file can be hosted virtually; the recipient can then simply click on a link to download it, rather than receive that attachment in their inbox. This method is used in order to bypass mail server rejections for file sizes that are too large (like Gmail for example).
VIPRE aims to make sure your incoming and outgoing mail is safe. VIPRE fights phishing attacks where both virus and ransomware can come from
VIPRE quarantines threats, and lets you see what was caught in both inbound and outbound email through its realtime detection function.
When recipients reply to your users outbound emails (which have been checked by VIPRE Email Security), the inbound email replies are also scanned for threats
Because there are vulnerabilities in Macros from Office 365 that a Macro can be hidden in, VIPRE offers protection. For example, an Excel document could contain Macros, so VIPRE Email Cloud could be used to detect and interdict Macro threats.
The VIPRE Email Security Cloud Edition is always working, so your emails are always available to you even if your exchange server goes down (thanks to the 90 day email storage feature).
Lets the admin go into the backend to see who deleted an email, what happened if user information changed, and other details necessary for investigating issues that may arise.
VIPRE Email Cloud is simple to manage and customize your user’s email accounts.
VIPRE Email Cloud can easily put / force disclaimers into an email (even if your users send emails from outside of work, disclaimers can still be forced).

What is required to provision VIPRE Email Security Cloud Edition for your email environment?

  • You would need to give VIPRE the name of your organization’s domain that you wish to protect.
  • You would need to give VIPRE the IP address of your mail server(s) for email delivery

VIPRE Security Inc would receive your mail, filter it, and then return all filtered traffic back to your mail server(s). This makes up the Cloud functionality.

What other requirements are needed to be performed?

You will need to:

  • update your MX record(s) to point to VIPRE Email Security Cloud Edition
  • update the SPF record (permitting VIPRE to send email on your organization’s domain’s behalf)
  • update your Firewall settings so that mail coming from VIPRE Email Security can be received back in your organization
  • configure your outbound smart host so VIPRE Email Security can filter outbound email

Attachment Sandboxing is used to inspect an attachment in an email for malicious payloads and processes without releasing dangerous results. Attachment Sandboxing can extract the attachment from the email message and transfer it into a virtual environment where no damage can be done during the inspection process.

There, it opens up the attachment to look for unsafe actions such as malware or ransomware. It also looks for any type of execution processes and other dangerous payloads. Should something bad be found, alerting and reporting can be generated, with specific analyfics to show what the attachment would do once the recipient opened it up in the real world.

Attachment Sandboxing is an Add-On to VIPRE Email Security Cloud Edition.


  • Some email security solutions may just block or approve attachments based on predefined configurations from the solution administrator, blocking a certain file type or certain naming conventions that are known to be malicious
  • Shortening of the attack lifecycle has allowed threat actors to propagate spam attacks faster than ever before with lethal efficiency and this includes weaponized attachments that can be quickly spoofed, mimicked, and delivered
  • Attachment Sandboxing provides a protected environment to catch any malicious activity or attempts to download any additional components that also perform malicious activities
  • More zero-day malware gets flagged and diverted from ever entering a user’s inbox
  • Sandboxing empowers companies to be active about security and to stay ahead of the next wave of attacks

VIPRE Email Archiving will effectively store unlimited amounts of email for your organization. It is a comprehensive long term email archiving solution with powerful features such as:

  • Fast email searching of any inbound or outbound correspondence, no matter how many messages have been archived
  • Permits organizations to be able to save users’ Email for many years
  • Saves both internal and external incoming and outgoing email messages
  • Includes indexable features that are also searchable

The VIPRE Email Encrypon Service allows users to send email with outbound delivery to a recipient, and make

sure it is received only by that recipient. The email messages are encrypted in the sense that when the recipient gets noficaons

they have messages, they then log into a secure portal to review those secure messages, rather than receive email directly.

In order to provide an extra layer for secure mail delivery, messages are able to be redirected into a special portal with a client

login that is fully encrypted. This is used to bypass any unsecure mail in transit that might normally be subject to capture.


  • Access secure messages anywhere using an online portal, where messages are decrypted and made available
  • No hardware or software needed by the user, sender, receiver, or admin
  • Can be set up either custom policies or using policies that have been pre-configured for ease of use
  • The sender does not need to undertake any additional procedures to send secure email
  • Uses AES‐256‐CBCL encryption where messages are moved using TLS protocol

The VIPRE Phishing Protection solution is designed to protect embedded links within emails. It is common that attackers will send an email and put a link inside it and use a variety of techniques to get people to click on that link. To avoid detection, sometimes attackers will put links in emails to webpages that are not malicious at the time the message was sent, and this is an issue for many email security software programs.

If the link is normally checked at the receipt time, most email security programs will not notice anything wrong. However, a few minutes later, an hour later, or perhaps the next day, when the user clicks on that link, all of the sudden the attack vector changes and the malicious result takes place. VIPRE Phishing Protection is designed to protect against that kind of attack.

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