VIPRE Antivirus for your community.VIPRE Antivirus for Universities & Colleges, Not For Profit Organizations, Public Community & Religious Institutions

We offer institutions the ability to protect computer networks from Virus and Malware threats, as well as offer email security. We support the admin by explaining the solutions available, and then work to provide a cost value that is agreeable with your institutions’ budgetary constraints.

School Districts: Through the Starnoise Volume Discount program, VIPRE software is available at reduced rates. We support the protection of both educational institutions and communities with VIPRE deployments. For schools, we support:

  • Elementary Schools
  • Charter Schools
  • Private Schools
  • Middle Schools
  • High Schools
  • Colleges & Universities

We also support religious institutions, community groups, and NOT-FOR-PROFIT Organizations. When educators, parent teacher associations, community leaders, and educational organizations need protection for computers used by and for community services, it becomes necessary to accommodate these groups with both dedicated Sales Support as well as cost-effective pricing. We understand that funding for these areas of community service and education are not always available and work diligently to assist with procuring a competitive advanced solution for network security.

Benefits for Schools & Communities Who Choose VIPRE Software

We anticipate the needs of local and state educational organizations. Those organizations are responsible for not only helping with the development of young minds and public community service, but of providing a safe environment to grow and work in. Safety and security go hand in hand with computer security, and that is why the enterprise level of VIPRE software is now available for schools and community organizations.
VIPRE Business Premium and VIPRE Email Security for Exchange are highly sought by educational organizations looking for reliable defense from malware, viruses, computer threats, spam, and other nightmares imaginable. With internet security and computer protection, VIPRE works to secure on campus (and off campus) requirements managed by a department for large institutions to a small volunteer effort of just 1 administrator. VIPRE can be managed by single or multiple consoles, works efficiently to protect your organization, and is light on system resources.
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Contact us to discuss the best options for your institution / community needs. We will explain what is involved and how we can best assist you, including volume discount options.