The ultimate VIPRE Upgrade to manage PC computer security threats. VIPRE Endpoint comes with a full arsenal of defensive technologies to protect your computers and servers.

Go up against the unlimited spectrum of threats with VIPRE Endpoint Security, an advanced technology to find known + undiscovered threats. Using powerful active protection with cloud‐driven mechanics, VIPRE Endpoint Security hunts for ransomware, defends against Viruses, includes anti‐spyware, powerful browser protection for online safety, removable device control [flash-drive encryption], and other protections that do not slow down your computers or your networks.

Don’t Let Ransomware Lock You Out!

Fight Virus + Malware Threats!

Improve your network defense – Try VIPRE Endpoint Security

Maximum Protection Available to counter Ransomware using Cloud Driven technologies + analytical behavior computation to detect and mitigate Zero Day threats, uncategorized threats, and hidden malware.
VIPRE Endpoint identifies and stops problems using cloud URL lookup technology for current threats with the most up‐to‐date protection available.
Scanning for threats is now faster, includes cloud‐based alerts + updates for solutions to apply, while still light on system resources.
A new permissions based approach to permit approved external media flash / thumb drives while deny unauthorized devices attempting to be used without approval.
VIPRE Endpoint combats viruses, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, exploits, and malware from website and phishing attacks.
Fights malware infections from vulnerabilities in software such as Java ‐ Oracle, Adobe (Flash for example), as well as non‐popular Windows software, by detecting updates from exploits that have been released and applying patches to them.
Used to automatically strip phishing links from emails before they can reach your users’ inboxes.
Manage incoming and outgoing offline + online traffic by letting the admins keep to strict recommendations or configure their own firewall settings.
Protect mobile devices running Android against malware infections ; lets you track and remotely wipe lost phones (also offers some mobile security for iOS phones & wireless devices).
Provides easy installation of VIPRE by treating your current antivirus agents from all machines, reducing problems during an installation. VIPRE Agent Installation Wizard walks admins through ‘preferred’ steps to create the right installer based on a variety of machines / devices.
For ease of use to keep track and manage all your PCs + mobile devices, deploy VIPRE agents, patch issues, and extract reports from a central console.
Detects, identifies, and alerts the you of computers on your network without VIPRE’s protection. Helpful if you think a machine is protected because it tells you if VIPRE was not installed (possibly removed or never there to begin with).
VIPRE helps manage computers that are off‐site. A cloud‐function that permits both updates, scanning for threats, patches, reporting, and more for the laptops and desktops and servers that off‐site buildings or road warriors use away from your home network.

VIPRE Solutions

Contact us to discuss the best options for your business needs – and we’ll be happy to extend our volume discount to you.

Choose the best enterprise antivirus for your business

Features VIPRE Endpoint Security VIPRE Email Security for Exchange
Antivirus & anti-spyware
Light on PC Resources for Fast Computing
Best Centralized Console for Agent Management
On‐Demand File Scanner
In‐Browser Scanner
Flash Drive & Media Scanning
Mobile Device Management
Mac security
Patch Management ‐ Update Patches
Firewall ‐ Manage incoming and outgoing online traffic
Malicious Website Blocking
Device Control and Encryption: Permissions & Denial
Advanced Active Protection – Ransomware – Anti Hijacker Protection
Cloud Update Alerting*
Future Threat Detection*
Email Security + Anti ‐ Phishing
File Attachment Inspection & Filtering
Global and Policy‐Based Email Disclaimers
Configurable Mailbox Reporting
*Technologies included with Advanced Active Protection.

VIPRE Solutions

Whether you manage a small company with a few dozen computers or a large organization of 50,000 computers, or somewhere in between, there is a VIPRE Antivirus Business Security package to fit your needs. Feel free to contact us for help in deciding which is the best choice for your company:

  • VIPRE Endpoint Security
  • VIPRE Antivirus Business
  • VIPRE Antivirus Business Premium
  • VIPRE Email Security for Exchange

Contact us to discuss the best options for your business needs – and we’ll be happy to extend our volume discount to you.