Vipre Antivirus Renewal

What’s involved to Renew VIPRE?

Is your VIPRE software up for renewal soon? Do you need a little handholding to renew your organization’s antivirus protection or email security?

These are the basics involved to Renew VIPRE for the following types of VIPRE Software:

  • VIPRE Business Standard
  • VIPRE Business Premium
  • VIPRE Email Security for Exchange
  • VIPRE HYPER‐V for virtual environment AntiVirus

Answers for the basics to Renew VIPRE:

  1. Quantity ‐ How Many VIPRE Agents are going to be renewed? If you are responsible for your organization’s computers or email accounts, you may need to increase or decrease the VIPRE agents in use. We can do an audit and determine how many machines on your network are active. We understand that old decommissioned computers / email accounts may not have had their VIPRE software removed, appearing active. We also know Admins may sometimes go over their allotted number of VIPRE Agents, requiring more to compensate and secure new computers. Therefore, we can guide you in determining how many VIPRE Agents you may consider to renew. Contact Us for more information.
  2. Price ‐ How much is it to Renew VIPRE is a question answered more ways than one. That is why we have simplified the Renewal VIPRE Form below. Answer as best you can the questions on the VIPRE Renewal Inquiry Form below and we will work on your RFQ right away. We understand your time is valuable and pricing out VIPRE should be easy to do. That is why our VIPRE Renewal Inquiry Form was made.

Now you can have a direct POC to assist you with your VIPRE Renewal with Volume Discount Pricing. Click Here to go to the Renewal Form.

Upgrade ‐ Do you have the most current version of VIPRE? To renew VIPRE with can tell you what is involved to renew VIPRE and to get you up to date with the most current version (current version is different from current Definitions from the Threat Data‐ base).

Timing ‐ Whether you wait till the day before your VIPRE renewal, or a month in advance, we can help. With last minute renewals, we have ways to insure you remain protected, just in case it takes time for you to get your renewal completed (maybe you need to get an approval before renewing VIPRE, or maybe you are not sure how many to renew and need to check dozens or hundreds of computers). We can work with you each step to make sure your AntiVirus is renewed quickly and painlessly.