VIPRE Mobile Security protects your Android phone and tablet securely from more than 10,000 known viruses without compromising system speed.VIPRE Mobile Security


Antivirus – Real-time, automatic Antivirus detection and blocking of malicious software that could damage your device or compromise the security of your personal information.

Lost or Stolen Device – VIPRE Mobile Security can help you locate your phone or tablet and protect it. Features include a device alarm for easy location, lock-down that prevents others from accessing your information, and a remote wipe function to help protect you against identity theft and other cybercriminal activity in case you believe your phone has been stolen.

Activity Monitor – VIPRE Mobile Security’s Activity Monitor records your device location, browsing, message and call histories and allows you to view it all via the VIPRE Mobile Security website.

Secure Backup – Secure your Android’s data. VIPRE Mobile Security backs up your contacts, bookmarks, photos, user dictionary, etc. storing them securely online for easy access and transfer.