Optimum Malware Defense for Windows Hyper-V Server

VIPRE for Hyper-VAre you running a virtual environment using Microsoft Hyper V and require dedicated AntiVirus protection? VIPRE Hyper-V is the first of its kind to be built to support Microsoft Hyper V virtual servers. It was designed for IT managers who need low resource usage for defending virtual machines in the virtual environment with powerful protection against virus threats.

Available as an add-on service for VIPRE Business Premium and VIPRE Antivirus Business, VIPRE Hyper-V runs through the hypervisor, defending against virus and malware attacks that target virtual Hyper V server environments. VIPRE Hyper-V offers the same low resource drain as VIPRE Business Premium, and reduces the load on virtual machines, providing the best performance levels for your virtual network security operations.

More and more companies are looking to get into the benefits of virtualizing their networks. Before virtualization, it was just servers and workstations on a network. Now there is a virtualized technology that helps companies run, but their security is not bullet proof. VIPRE HYPER-V is the solution to fortify network security for virtual environments, specifically running Microsoft HYPER-V.

Features VIPRE Business Standard VIPRE Business Premium VIPRE Endpoint Security VIPRE Email Security for Exchange VIPRE Advanced Security Bundle
Antivirus & anti-spyware
Light on PC Resources for Fast Computing
Best Centralized Console for Agent Management
On‐Demand File Scanner
In‐Browser Scanner
Flash Drive & Media Scanning
Mobile Device Management
Mac security
Patch Management ‐ Update Patches  
Firewall ‐ Manage incoming and outgoing online traffic  
Malicious Website Blocking  
Device Control and Encryption: Permissions & Denial    
Advanced Active Protection – Ransomware – Anti Hijacker Protection    
Cloud Update Alerting*    
Future Threat Detection*    
Email Security + Anti ‐ Phishing
File Attachment Inspection & Filtering      
Global and Policy‐Based Email Disclaimers      
Configurable Mailbox Reporting      
*Technologies included with Advanced Active Protection.

VIPRE for Hyper-V

VIPRE protection for Hyper-V was created to work on Microsoft virtual servers that run Hyper-V.

VIPRE brings strong antivirus technologies without creating any bloatware or bottleneck effects in the virtual environment. VIPRE scans efficiently, does not degrade system resources, and secures your virtual network. With a 25% decrease in the time it takes to scan a virtual machine, VIPRE leads the way for efficiency. VIPRE Hyper-V includes a centrally managed console that alerts IT admins whenever and wherever they are.

Other Features of VIPRE Hyper-V:

  • VIPRE Hyper-V saves resources by consolidating definitions and footprint to the host machine
  • Evenly distributes workload management operations to ensure scans are initiated efficiently and timely
  • Detects unprotected devices and alerts the admin with tracking information on the network so problems can be detected and manged they become problems
  • Manages virtual guest OS at every stage within the virtual environment

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