VIPRE Business Premium comes with valuable components to fortify your organization’s network security.

Why VIPRE Business Premium? More than antivirus and anti-spyware, VIPRE Business Premium comes with valuable components to fortify your organization’s network security. VIPRE Business Premium delivers value with:

  • Active bi-directional Firewall software to protect your computer network security
  • Patch Management to combat virus infection threats
  • Bad website detection and blocking to manage computer infections
  • Flash Drive antivirus and spyware scan and detection capabilities
  • Mac Desktop and Mac Book antivirus security
  • Android smart phone antivirus software
  • Anti-malware to counter virus and spyware infections, Trojan, rootkit, and bot threats, without reducing system resources on workstations connected locally or off site
In order to keep network security running safely, incoming and outgoing online traffic flow needs to be efficiently managed without slowing down your workstation(s) resources. How strict are the Firewall controls in VIPRE Business Premium? When designing premium antivirus, it was decided that the administrator of an organization could adhere to strict recommendations, as well as configure their own settings. This led to the dynamic flexibility for Policy management, making our VIPRE Business Premium one of the most advanced and user-friendly computer security products with Active Protection.
Because the main source of computer security infection by malware comes from security software update issues, the need for a solution to software vulnerability from update problems became apparent. VIPRE Patch management bridges the gaps and gets workstations up to date with current security definitions (like the issues found in Java, Adobe, and non-windows apps for example) so that little is left to chance when your Network Security is on the line.
Imagine a computer in your organization visits the wrong website one day. That site might have a phishing form on it, a Trojan, or other malicious software designed to cause harm and bring your network to a grinding halt! The website blocker gives a clear indication that the user is attempting to go to a website that is classified as harmful. This is one of the best tools available to protect your organization’s computer security by pro-actively managing internet access vulnerabilities.
How can a MacBook or desktop computer be unsafe? When a Mac connects to your Network, there is a chance it could pass on malware to your PC workstations, spyware, or other damaging software. VIPRE Business Premium maintains Mac computers on the Network with up-to-date computer security definitions, insuring a safe work environment for Network security.
When someone brings their laptop and connects to your Network, who is to say they are authorized to do so? In order to avoid foreign laptops or tablet PCs from gaining access to your network, VIPRE acts as a gatekeeper. Why? When someone brings their own device, they may knowingly or unknowingly spread malware or infect other workstations. VIPRE Business Premium has the ability to conduct auto scanning for workstations on your Network that are unsecure.

Choose the best enterprise antivirus for your business

Features VIPRE Business Premium VIPRE AntiVirus Business
Antivirus & anti-spyware
Low CPU & memory usage
On-access file scanning
Removable device scanning
Mobile Device Management
Mac security
Email security
Patch management
Malicious website blocker

VIPRE Solutions

Whether you manage a small company with 10 computers or a large organization with up to 50,000 computers, or somewhere in between, there is a VIPRE Antivirus Business Security package to fit your needs. Feel free to contact us for help in deciding which is the best choice for your company:

  • VIPRE Antivirus Business
  • VIPRE Antivirus Business Premium
  • VIPRE Email Security for Exchange

Contact us to discuss the best options for your business needs – and we’ll be happy to extend our volume discount to you.